All of the wines bottled at Casa Montes are supplied with grapes which come exclusively from our vineyards. Our vineyards use the trellis system and python cord pruning is employed. The oldest vines date back to 1994 while the most recent were planted in 1997.

The entire estate is irrigated by Andean stream melt-off, which is reserved in its own reservoir of approximately 35 million liters , for distribution by means of a pressurized drip system.

The capacity of Casa Montes Winery exceeds 2,000,000 liters, utilizing 100% stainless steel tanks, two rotary winemakers, and two pneumatic wine presses. The technology used is French and we of capable of processing 150,000 kg of grapes daily.

Our installations are constructed with insulating panels in order to maintain a constant temperature of approximately 18 degrees centigrade. The wines are bottled in their own lines utilizing the 'latest' technology available producing 3,000 bottles per hour, while complying with all the standards of quality control as required.

During the harvest our grapes are carefully cut by hand, requiring approximately 120 seasonal workers contracted solely for this purpose. Our white grapes are only cut in the early morning hours to avoid the high afternoon temperatures.