After a successful business career, Don Fransisco Montes, an immigrant from Andalucia, Spain, founded this industrial-agricultural project, known as Casa Montes Winery-Vineyards in 1992, remarking the legendary pioneer spirit of his family.

This enterprise lies in the Tulum Valley, on the banks of the San Juan River, 700 meters above sea level, at latitude 31 degrees south. The annual average temperature is 17 degrees centigrade whereas the yearly, mean precipitation is less than 200mm and the soils are described as alluvial. This oasis is situated in a privileged environment among the highest Cordilleran peaks of San Juan Province, including 160 hectares of vineyards, totally managed by trellis systems and irrigated by Andean melt-off. Our water supply is stored up in its own reservoir of approximately 35million liters for distribution by a pressurized drip-system. The entire perimetrical bounderies of the vineyards are strategically bordered and protected by a natural forest of carob trees [ceratonia siliqua]. Under these exceptional environmental conditions, the healthy and exact maturation of our diverse varietal grapes is achieved by Casa Montes, distinguished by Viognier and Chardonnay [examples of some whites] and Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Tannat among reds.

As a complement to its agricultural potency, Casa Montes Winery-Vineyards boasts a vanguard winery with state-of -the-art technology, whose capacity exceeds 2,000,000 liters, utilizing 100% stainless steel tanks and a completely automatic system for temperature and pumping control, which allows for absolute control of all production processes of the important, diversity in our line of wines.

Casa Montes Winery-Vineyards artfully blends the nobility and tradition of a San Juan family who produce wines with a passion rarely seen today.